NCIS L.A - Sam/G *Tight Hug*

Icon Request Post

OMG... I just noticed that I have as for now 201 watchers... so 200 people are watching this community. A community that is only for my icons - no one else posts here - so that makes me VERY very happy. Like seriously. You have NO idea how much that means to me!

And as a thank you I'm now opening up a "Request Post"... where you can request any kinds of icons. ANY tv-show, ANY fandom, ANYTHING, but I might have to ask you for some pictures if I don't know the fandom.

Other than that, I'm very happy to do some icons for you! Maybe that gives me back my inspiration for creating icons =)

The post will be open for 1 month, so anyone interested can write his request until April 16th, 2014.

Only people watching the community can request icons!!!
iZOMBiE - David/Rahul *MANIP*

28 "iZOMBiE" icons, 20 for season20in20

Oh my god...

It's been FOR-FUCKING-EVER that I last did Icons, but the "prompts" for round #64 of season20in20 kind of inspired me, and so I signed up with "iZOMBiE" Season 2...

I know my icons are not the best, and I will have to start practicing my skills again, but I wanted to share them anyway... =D


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Musketeers - D'Artagnan/Aramis *HUG*

101 Multi-Fandom Icons: Sense8, Musketeers, Flash, Fosters, The 100, Originals, Following

Oh boy...

I'm SO out of my game... I haven't done ANY icons in MONTHS, and I think it's kind of noticeable... But I just HAD TO create a few icons of "Sense8" as I have noticed there are basically NONE out there and this show has been really good - especially Lito/Hernando and Nomi/Amanita, which is why most of my icons are of those 4 characters. I tried to cover all of them a bit, though. Also: I've only created icons up to episode 1x06 SO FAR, so there might be coming some more of the 2nd half of the season as soon as I find the time... And as soon as I'm done with a few more requests I've gotten lately...

Anyway... I really hope you enjoy my icons. As always: Coments = ♥ ♥ ♥

50 x Sense8
12 x The Fosters (ONLY Jude/Connor)
06 x The Following (Mike and Mike/Ryan)
05 x The 100 (Raven/Wick only)
08 x The Flash (Barry/Cisco ONLY)
14 x The Musketeers (Season 2 Finale)
06 x The Originals (Davina/Kol & Josh/Aiden)


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Code Black - Angus/Mario *HUG*

157 Icons: Arrow, Chicago PD, Faking it, The Flash, Jane the Virgin, The Originals

I was busy over the last couple of days... besides watching my tv-shows I also created a few icons... a few more than I thought I would *lol*

Fact is: I really need practice again, so I am trying different colorings and textures... I think I'm not as good as I used to be, but people on my f-list seem to disagree with that, so I will keep trying... ;-)

Comments make me happy, so if you find something you like, please comment =D

65x The Originals
25x Chicago PD (Spoilers until episode 2x12!)
21x The Flash (Up until 1x11)
20x Jane the Virgin (Up until 1x11)
15x Faking it (all episodes of Season 2 included)
11x Arrow (Up until 3x10)
157 Total

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Chicago PD - Ruzek/Burgess

151 Multi-Fandom-Icons: Arrow, Chicago PD, Outlander, OUAT, Reign, Scandal, Holland Roden

Oh my god...
I'm SO out of my game... *lol*

I think it's very much noticeable that I haven't done icons in almost a year due to Computer problems first, then afterwards I didn't have a computer at all, then I didn't have photoshop and such, so there were a lot of things coming at the same time... and those icons are basically my first attempt to get back in the game... oh well...

I still think posting them will help me get better again... ;-)

07x Arrow (Spoilers for the Mid-Season Finale)
08x Once Upon a Time (Season 4 Spoilers)
15x Reign (all Bash/Francis but not in a shippy way)
16x Outlander (all episode 1x07)
10x Scandal (all Cyrus/Michael)
35x Chicago PD (SPOILER HEAVY for 2x11!!!)
60x Holland Roden (Photoshoots mostly)
151 total


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Musketeers - Aramis/D'Artagnan

95 Icons: 10x "Looking", 85x "The Musketeers"

First of all:

NO, I haven't forgotten my request post, I'm just really busy at the moment, but I'm getting to this post and start working on the request pretty soon... aka within the next days...

But I just wanted to post my latest batch of icons before I start with the request...

Those icons contain pictures of all 8 episodes of "Looking" (even though I haven't even seen the last 2 :P) and up until episode 1x05 of "The Musketeers", so if you have seen them, you're good =D


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Stock- Inapporpriate Thoughts

122 "The Musketeers" Icons

New Fandom! =D

At least for me... So I just HAD TO create some icons for this awesome, beautiful new show of mine! I've worked on them for the past 3 days and the icons contain pictures from episodes 1x01 - 1x03 - not the 4th episode yet, but I might do some more icons of this show at a later point... =D

If you like them, comment! It would really mean a lot to me! =)

And now, enjoy! =)


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Teen Wolf - Isaac *Hero*

92 Icons: 15x Beauty & the Beast, 77x Teen Wolf Season 3B

Hey... :-)

I did a couple of icons again - mostly for Teen Wolf episode 3x15 (aka the last one) and Beauty and the Beast from last week (episode 2x10) - the ARE kind of spoilery but since both episodes are about 1 week old I think it's safe to post the icons :-)

Comments as always are really nice =)


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